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  • I've been working in the music industry for well over 20 years and have dealt with so many software companies (good and bad) and their products. You by far create not only some of the best and well thought out Rapid Weaver themes but back them up with customer service that's extremely rare. The fix worked perfect. I never expected a response and especially one that worked!

    David R.
  • Nick Cates Design is by far the preeminent RapidWeaver theme design company out there. Nick Cates has created a group of themes that are cutting-edge and full of features any website designer could want in a theme. His customer support is second to none. He responds quickly and competently with resolution in a day or two. I've purchased themes from a variety of RW theme designers in the past, but now my only place to go is NCD. Chuck the rest and go with the best...Nick Cates Design!

    Graham M.
  • I have purchased several NCD themes over the years - mostly because of their superb blend of design, typography, and function. I have used his manuals and great step-by-step tutorials many times. To me, Nick provides the kind of support I expect - the how-to's of the built-in features. In the rare case I needed help understanding something in the support, I emailed Nick and he helped me out until the light came on for me.

    Phillip B.
  • First of all let me say, you have earned a lifetime customer and evangelist for you and your products. Your products because I don't think anyone is building a higher quality theme. You because you attention to customer service!

    Rob D.
  • Having used Strata, I found it a joy to use, no text size problems that I’ve experienced with other themes. I've decided to stick with your themes, rather than as the previous 8 years, buying themes from all over. The production stack is excellent and just bought the Slider too. And it gets better, the support page is first class. Thank you

    Leigh M.
  • Just a note to thank you for all of your hard work, Nick (& Associates). The RapidWeaver Themes and peripherals that you create are nothing short of absolutely excellent!

    Jeffery T.
  • I cannot fault the rapid support response I received from NCD themes. This, coupled with cutting edge theme designs and useful stacks makes them my first point of call when creating client sites.

    Sam M, Typecast Design.
  • I have bought a bunch of themes from Nick, and have had no issues whatsoever. If I hit a glitch my questions were handled professionally. Theme modifications are tough support wise, as while you are bumbling about "fixing" things, you might well be breaking something else.

    Giving the attitude of many customers it is no wonder he chooses to exercise a firm line on theme modifications. As a end user there have been a few times I have wanted to mod the theme, and either figured it out on my own, or looked to the forums for some sage wisdom. I have bought themes from him because he simply makes some of the best, well-designed themes out there, and I hope he continues well into the future.

    sassafras (via Realmac Forums)